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Midnight x Reader

This is a community for any and all book lovers to post reviews, recommendations or condemnations of books they have read.

The Rules

1. Please use the form below for any and all book recommendations or condemnations. This makes it easier to follow and read and if you don't use the form your post will probably be deleted.
2. No fighting, bickering or whining if someone condemned your favorite book. You can constructively disagree in the comments or write your own review.
3. If you're going to introduce yourself to the community, the post must have a recommendation/condemnation attached to it AKA No "Hi! I'm Becky! I'm 15 and I looove to read!"-only posts.
4. No off topic posts period. This includes promoting communities unless you get special permission.
5. When recommending (or condemning) don't just say "because it is good (or bad)". Be descriptive.
6. Be respectful of everyone's opinions.
7. Keep the community ALIVE! Promote!

The Form:

Rating (1-10):


Recommend or Condemn?:

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